Future Implications


It seems like we have come so far from traditional marketing techniques now that companies have focuses on social media marketing techniques as times have changed. The different ways these companies can reach people has changed as well. But, what is in store for social media marketing in the next 20 years? Or maybe even the next 5 years? What it all comes down to is, communication. People communicate differently than they did 10 years ago and social media has made it possible for companies to reach consumers quicker and more efficiently. With instantaneous content and information constantly flooding consumers on social media, companies have to consistently respond to feedback from these consumers to maintain brand recognition and image.

There are billions of people that access all the various social media platforms every day. We use our computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart watches to view content and communicate with other users and companies. But, will we even need these devices to see what jeans are on sale on H&M’s website? Sarah Green, Senior Associate Editor at the Harvard Business Review believes that the internet will be more of a behind the scenes infrastructure that we will take for granted (even more than we do today) and that there will be increased pressure for advertisers and marketers of companies. She also mentions that the added pressure will be on how marketers reach consumers in a more interesting and creative way, as the ability to distract and draw attention from advertisements will be a thing of the past (Wellons, 2014).

Social media tactic: Streamlined

It’s hard to predict what social media will be like 10 years from now. I mean, who knows…we may not even have it (yeah right). One possibility that I see happening with social media is that it it becomes increasingly streamlined in the sense that it’s a one-stop destination for consumers. Facebook and Instagram could potential diversify their platforms so that they have everything a consumer may need, which would be incredibly beneficial and valuable for these platforms (Demars, 2016). We see this already with brick-and-mortar stores Walmart and Target, allowing consumers to buy groceries, electronics, clothes, and everything else you may need in your house. Why wouldn’t we see something like this on social media platforms in the future?

Food for thought. Would this make marketers jobs easier or more difficult? Target consumers may be able to be reached easier, but would they be able to keep a consumer’s attention?


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